Alpine Ski Registration 2022/23 MASTERS

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Alpine Ski Registration 2022/23 MASTERS

Please fill out the form below and follow the online registration process.
If you have any problems with the registration process please contact:
Jeanne MacNeil at:

Athlete Info

To be eligible for our ski and snowboard programs athletes must meet basic skill requirements. See info on our website under SKILL REQUIREMENTS.

SSSC Parent Information:

All athletes must fill out respective waivers for the appropriate organization in order to be covered under Commercial General Liability Insurance.

BC Alpine
At this time, BC Alpine offers an electronic waiver, which we have included within our registration form. Please be sure to fill out accurate Guardian information below, this information is required for BC Alpine Registration. All members under the age of 18 must have their legal guardians registered as a member of the BC Alpine Ski Association. Which includes both skiers and their guardians. All fees are processed by the Smithers Ski and Snowboard Club.


- Grand Total Fees will vary due to differences with BC Alpine, and BC North Zone (Alpine).
– Club fees also include BC Alpine liability insurance for parents during their volunteer roles for both ski and snowboard athletes.
- Parents or Guardians for Ski athletes are required to fill out BC Alpine Insurance liability form. (This information is within our registration form)

Emergency Contact

Please complete the following Section (accurate information is required)

BC Alpine Waiver Information

Membership Policy
Legal Guardians of Minors
All members under 18 must have their legal guardians registered as members of the BC Alpine Ski Association.

Board Members
Club board of directors must be registered as members of the BC Alpine Ski Association.

Volunteers / Officials
Volunteers may sign a one-time waiver at no cost if they are attending a single event. If attending more than one event, they need to become General Members.

General Membership vs Program Membership
General members may not participate in training or racing events, and are only covered for non-race events as well as volunteering/officiating during training and racing events.

Insurance Periods
Commercial General Liability (July 1 – June 30)
Alpine Canada Commercial General Liability (CGL) coverage is available to all levels of membership (excluding community members) while performing sport-related duties. An Alpine Canada/provincial alpine association one time or seasonal membership waiver form must be signed by the member and filed with the provincial alpine association. Alpine Canada and the provincial alpine association activate coverage upon signing the membership and waiver form and expect that forms will be filed with the provincial alpine association as soon as possible following events. The CGL policy protects against the risk of sums Alpine Canada may become legally obligated to pay as the result of bodily injury and/or property damage caused participating in club/provincial alpine association or Alpine Canada activities. The coverage includes the cost of investigating, defending and paying for any claim for injury or damage attributed to negligence on the part of the club/provincial alpine association or Alpine Canada or an authorized person acting on behalf of the club/provincial alpine association or Alpine Canada.
DRYLAND: This CGL insurance also extends to dryland training. We have been notified that dryland activities are covered for all members provided they (coaches and participants) are all currently registered, and the group is engaged in a supervised participation program, with terrain matched to ability level – the same as it is on snow training.

Sport Accident Insurance (July 1 – June 30)
Alpine Canada’s Sport Accident Insurance Policy (SAIP) is offered as a third tier of insurance coverage to Alpine Canada members. SAIP coverage and eligibility is best outlined in the policy quick sheet found at this url:
SAIP coverage is required by FIS for all FIS-carded members to compete in FIS competitions (ICR 212.4). SAIP coverage is required by Alpine Canada of any members traveling to compete or train outside of North America.

Please review BC Alpine Waiver by clicking the link below. (You can open it in a new tab by right clicking on your mouse.)

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